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 Name      Service Type      Area of the Body    
Foot/Ankle Disclocation/Fracture Clinic Services Hips, Legs & Feet
Foot/Ankle Sprain/Strain Clinic Services Hips, Legs & Feet
Gallbladder Removal, Laparoscopic Inpatient Services Abdomen & Pelvis
Gallbladder Removal, laparoscopic Outpatient Services Abdomen & Pelvis
Genitourinary Infections, nonsexually transmitted Clinic Services Abdomen & Pelvis
Glaucoma (Open-Angle), without surgery Clinic Services Head & Neck
Gout Clinic Services Hips, Legs & Feet, Shoulder, Arms & Hands
Hand/Wrist/Forearm Dislocation/Fracture Clinic Services Shoulder, Arms & Hands
Headache, migraine Clinic Services Head & Neck
Headache, Migraine headache, requiring hospitalization Inpatient Services Head & Neck
Hearing Disorders Clinic Services Head & Neck
Hemorrhoids Clinic Services Abdomen & Pelvis
Hernia Repair, Inguinal (Groin) Outpatient Services Abdomen & Pelvis
Hernia, inguinal, without surgery Clinic Services Abdomen & Pelvis
High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) Clinic Services Entire Body, Chest & Back
High Cholesterol/High Triglyceride (Hyperlipidemia) Clinic Services Entire Body
Hysteroscopy Outpatient Services Abdomen & Pelvis
Incontinence, Stress, Repair Outpatient Services Abdomen & Pelvis
Incontinence, Urinary Clinic Services Abdomen & Pelvis
Irritable Bowel Syndrome Clinic Services Abdomen & Pelvis
Joint Damage, knee and lower leg, without surgery Clinic Services Hips, Legs & Feet
Joint Degeneration, knee and lower leg Clinic Services Hips, Legs & Feet
Joint Degeneration, neck Clinic Services Head & Neck
Joint Degeneration, thigh, hip and pelvis Clinic Services Abdomen & Pelvis, Hips, Legs & Feet