TRIA Orthopaedic Center Clinic

TRIA Orthopaedic Center Clinic
8100 Northland Drive
Bloomington, MN 55431

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Service Cost Level
Back Pain, acute - physical therapy treatment Medium Cost
Bone Density Dexa Scan Medium Cost
Bronchitis, acute Higher Cost
Foot/Ankle Disclocation/Fracture Medium Cost
Foot/Ankle Sprain/Strain Higher Cost
Gout Higher Cost
Hand/Wrist/Forearm Dislocation/Fracture Medium Cost
Joint Damage, knee and lower leg, without surgery Lower Cost
Joint Degeneration, knee and lower leg Medium Cost
Joint Degeneration, neck Medium Cost
Joint Degeneration, thigh, hip and pelvis Medium Cost
Metabolic Disorders Medium Cost
MRI - Back (Lumbar Spine), with contrast Medium Cost
MRI - Chest, with contrast Lower Cost
MRI - Knee, without contrast Lower Cost
MRI - Neck (Cervical Spine), with contrast Medium Cost
MRI - Pelvis, with contrast Lower Cost
MRI - Spine, without contrast Medium Cost
MRI - Upper Extremity, with contrast Lower Cost
MRI - Upper Extremity, without contrast Lower Cost
Orthopedic Deformity, foot and ankle Medium Cost
Osteoporosis Medium Cost
Rheumatoid Arthritis Lower Cost
Skin Abnormality, noncancerous, without surgery Medium Cost
Skin Infection, bacterial, minor Higher Cost
Skin Infection, viral Higher Cost
Skin Inflammation, minor Higher Cost
X-ray - Ankle Medium Cost
X-ray - Elbow Medium Cost
X-ray - Finger(s) Medium Cost
X-ray - Foot Medium Cost
X-ray - Forearm Medium Cost
X-ray - Hand Medium Cost
X-ray - Hip Medium Cost
X-ray - Knee Medium Cost
X-ray - Lower Leg Medium Cost
X-ray - Neck (Cervical Spine) Lower Cost
X-ray - Pelvis Medium Cost
X-ray - Shoulder Medium Cost
X-ray - Spine Medium Cost
X-ray - Wrist Medium Cost

Did you know?

Visiting the emergency room for a sinus infection on average costs 8 times more than going to urgent care.

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