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Service Cost Level
Appendectomy Medium Cost
Bleeding in Gastrointestinal Tract Higher Cost
Blood and Major Systemic Infections Medium Cost
Blood Clot, lung (Pulmonary Embolism) Medium Cost
Bone Density Dexa Scan Higher Cost
Cardiac (Myocardial) Perfusion Scan Higher Cost
Cardiac Arrhythmia Medium Cost
Cellulitis Medium Cost
Cesarean Section Delivery (C-Section) Medium Cost
Chest Pain Lower Cost
Circulatory Disorders, with cardiac catheterization Medium Cost
Coronary Angioplasty Medium Cost
Coronary Angioplasty, with drug-eluting stent Medium Cost
CT Scan - Neck, soft tissue, with contrast Medium Cost
CT Scan - Abdomen & Pelvis Higher Cost
CT Scan - Abdomen & Pelvis, with contrast Higher Cost
CT Scan - Chest Lower Cost
CT Scan - Chest, with contrast Lower Cost
CT Scan - Face and Jaw (Maxillofacial Area) Medium Cost
CT Scan - Head Medium Cost
CT Scan - Lumbar Spine Lower Cost
Diabetes, requiring hospitalization Lower Cost
Esophagitis Medium Cost
Female Reproductive Surgery, noncancerous Medium Cost
Gallbladder Removal, Laparoscopic Medium Cost
Headache, Migraine headache, requiring hospitalization Medium Cost
Kidney/Urinary Stones Medium Cost
Knee Replacement Medium Cost
Mammogram, screening, digital Higher Cost
Medication-related Complications Medium Cost
MRI - Abdomen, with and without contrast Lower Cost
MRI - Brain Medium Cost
MRI - Brain with and without contrast Lower Cost
MRI - Knee Medium Cost
MRI - Neck (Cervical Spine) Medium Cost
MRI - Pelvis, with and without contrast Lower Cost
MRI - Spine Medium Cost
MRI - Upper Extremity Medium Cost
Seizures and Epilepsy Medium Cost
Spinal Fusion Higher Cost
Thyroid or Parathyroid Surgery Medium Cost
Ultrasound - Transabdominal, first trimester Higher Cost
Ultrasound - Abdomen Higher Cost
Ultrasound - Breast Higher Cost
Ultrasound - Head and Neck Higher Cost
Ultrasound - Kidney Higher Cost
Ultrasound - Pelvic Higher Cost
Ultrasound - Scrotum Higher Cost
Ultrasound - Transvaginal (across vaginal area) Higher Cost
Vaginal Delivery Medium Cost
X-ray - Abdomen Higher Cost
X-ray - Chest Higher Cost
X-ray - Neck (Cervical Spine) Higher Cost
X-ray - Spine Higher Cost

Did you know?

Visiting the emergency room for a sinus infection on average costs 8 times more than going to urgent care.

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